Ms Surrey Curve 2015 does the Louise Bunny Hop-a-thon!


To celebrate the end of the "Drop a Dress Size" challenge, Louise offered us a real treat; 
a Hop-a-thon!  2 classes back to back, burning up to 1,400 calories first thing on a Saturday morning. 

Over the 6 weeks of the challenge I completely surpassed my own expectations by attending 3 classes a week and sometimes even four!  I really pushed myself to keep the momentum going and it worked. I was totally chuffed to find out that I lost 9 inches overall, I dropped a dress size by simply moving more and I loved every single second! 

I rave about Bunny Hop to everyone I possibly can, so for the hop-a-thon I managed to rope 3 of my girlfriends into doing it with me...even at 9.30 they came in full spirits. So, there we were, wiggling & jiggling our cares away and of course I did the whole class wearing my #MsSurreyCurve2015 sash with pride!

The class was full and people were loving the awesome playlist Lou created for us.  

We all had a tonne of fun, I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

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