Modelled by Role Models with Panache


If you were asked to nominate a female role model who inspires you, who would you choose?

Would you think immediately of a family member, friend, colleague or would a celebrity spring to mind?

For me, I find it very difficult to pick just one person.  This is simply because throughout my life I have been surrounded by many extra-ordinary women, who have inspired me in many ways.

As it is International Women's Day today, I offer a small ode the two most important women in my life...

My Mother is my rock. She is a kind, generous and strong woman. She has been through so much in her life and even when we feared she may not survive she has proven us all wrong.  I will eternally be grateful for the values she taught me as a child and the unconditional love she continues to show me.

My daughter is my world.  She is wise before her years, growing into a beautiful woman.  I am so proud of her achievements and abilities.  She has a heart of pure gold and a fantastic sense of humour.

I have teamed up with Panache to tell you about their campaign; 
"Modelled by Role Models"

It was this very quote that made me want to shout from the roof tops...YES! Finally - a chance for everyday people to be recognised for their extra-ordinary traits.

So here is your chance to tell the world who YOU consider to be your hero, who has inspired you to be a better version of yourself. Who inspires you daily.  Who do you look up to and admire?

It can be any female person, someone you know or someone you admire from afar.

The campaign launched today and the closing date for nominations is April 3rd.  

All you have to do is click HERE to nominate your chosen role model, you will be asked to provide a picture of your chosen person and write a short paragraph on why you're nominating them. 

Panache will then short-list 15 nominees as finalists.  The public will join a Panache judging panel to find the final 6 role models. Winners will be asked to take part in the ‘Modelled By Role Models’ photo shoot which will feature on the Panache's website & various other outlets.

The winner of Modelled by Role Models 2016 will receive:
  •         A year’s supply of Panache lingerie (total 12 sets)
  •         A starring role in the Modelled by Role Models photo shoot in London, including two tickets to a West End show, and travel and accommodation for two people
  •         A set of prints of the best images taken at the photo shoot

This is a fantastic opportunity to pay it forward. Let's take a minute to commend the positive role models around us and empower other women to do the same.


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