'Aint no party like a #113Party


Last Friday gave us bloggers/models a chance to shake a leg or two.

The clothing brand +OneOneThree hosted their very own #113Swim launch party to showcase their new swimwear line.

The venue was uber cool; a oasis style loft apartment.  Pieces of the range dangled teasingly above us to look at but not touch!  (Such a shame - I wanted to try it all on!!)  I would love to comment more on the range, but other than a view from afar that was the extent of our interaction with it.  The team wore some of the range too so we got a sneak peak at some of the new #SS16 line too.

So if we're not here to sample the range what exactly are we here for? Well, we came to PARTY!

OneOneThree laid out the food and kept the cocktails flowing all night long, add to that bangin' tune selections from Mysterious Vybez.  They also had a photo booth - like we need any excuses to take photos!

It was cool to spend the night partying with these blogger babes, don't they look amazing!

Left to Right - Kat (me) Top - Michaela, Bottom - Nancy, Top - Lucie, Bottom - Lottie

Photobooth fun with Lauren, Felicity, Lottie & Lucie

Top - Bloggers; Lauren, Chloe, Lucie, Michaela, Lottie, Nancy & Chanelle  Bottom - Felicity, Lottie & Lucie & Bottom right - OneOneThree Ladies

You can check out my full album of photos here

It was a fantastic evening of celebration of hard work from the team and I had an awesome night!

Can't wait for until the range is launched so I can sample it for myself!

Thanks for having me xx

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