#BeTheBlogger ~ the highlights of my year with Yours Clothing


Working so closely with Yours Clothing over the last year has been so much fun. It has allowed me to grow as a blogger, whilst learning about collaborating with a large brand. The experience has been challenging but also incredibly rewarding too. My content has improved, my engagement has increased and I have developed a routine of blogging regularly. 

The last 12 months have flown by from my first post and looking back over my year brings back some fond memories.

Pink Infusion 

The best thing by far has been the friends I have made throughout the experience. Working alongside Gloria, Laura, Charl and Violet has been such an amazing experience. I have learnt so much from each of them, which has helped me fine tune my own blogging style. These women are powerful, independent women with oodles of sass and style and I have spent so much of the year being in awe of the fabulous content they have produced. Spending time with them and getting to know them more at meet-ups and other social events has made me realise that these women are not just the #YoursDreamTeam but they are now girlfriends. Women who I can not only share my highs and lows with but also women who inspire me to think outside the box and broaden my horizons. I am so grateful that we were all given this opportunity together as I have found friends for life in you.

I have had challenging tasks which forced me to think outside the box, improve my photo content and in some ways change the way I blog.  I do feel this experience has really helped me develop.
My fave outfit by far was this ensemble. The shirt and crop top were from the Limited Collection, which in my opinion is like Yours Clothing's cooler, younger sister. The LC offers the freshest trends and whenever I did my monthly Yours haul I always made sure I picked a few pieces from the collection.

I loved this meet up the most. We took a trip to The Botanist in Sheffield.  We ate some delish food, sampled the cocktails in this botanical oasis. We totally took advantage of the surroundings making sure we got loads of insta worthy imagery!

I was so lucky to have been involved with the #TakeThePledge campaign with Laura and Hollie. Have you taken the pledge yet?

My fave experience by far was heading up to Yours HQ for a blogger photoshoot where we shot images for the website and even got to shoot a spooky Halloween look too.

Plus seeing my face on the Loose Women Ad every day was the perfect swan song.

The year has been a tonne of fun and I'm actually gutted that it has come to an end. I hope to continue to work with Yours in the future as one of their official brand ambassadors.

I want to thank Yours Clothing for the fabulous opportunity and I cannot wait to see what else 2018 has for me in the Blogosphere!
Thank you to all of you for the support over the last year, I couldn't have done it without you.
So for the last time....
Peace out xx

 The review above is based on my own opinions of the products.  Written in collaboration with Yours Clothing UK as part of #BETHEBLOGGER


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