Diary Entry - Wednesday 2nd January


Now I could scold myself for not writing my entries for the last 2 days or I could accept that experiencing life was far more important than writing about it.  I have had a really nice end to 2018 followed by a tiring but rewarding beginning to 2019.
Let me explain... No, there is too much. Let me sum up
*I will give you a cookie if you can name the film that line comes from*

Went to Honest Burger in #LondonBridge for an early dinner with Small Child, The Boy and Siânus.

I didn't want to not celebrate the NY in some way so I concocted a slightly over ambitious plan to walk from my work place in London Bridge to Blackfriars along the river to see how close we could get to the fireworks.  We took a slow walk up the river a little further than Blackfriars (We plotted up just outside The National Theatre) we found a bench and with my trusty ring cushion in tow, I took a load off the tootsies to await the countdown. I expected it to be far colder than it actually was, it was quite mild to be honest (9°c)  We had about 1/3 of the wheel in our direct view, although it was obscured by trees we still saw a lot of beautiful fireworks. The trek back to London Bridge was a struggle I'm not gonna lie.  A walk that should have taken me 25 mins, took me over an hour and a half.  Maybe I had been a tad ambitious in doing something so physical but until I try things, I won't know what my healing body can /can't handle.  I am glad I tried - even though I ended up in pain as a result.  I had a lovely evening and it was nice to get out, get a bit of fresh air and do something that improved my mood somewhat.

We all went to my Mum's house for lunch.  My Dad was supposed to be cooking a roast dinner and Mum had told us to bring our traditional sausagemeat stuffing and veg to accompany the meal.  Somewhere wires got crossed.  My Dad had only cooked Curry, completely unaware that Mum No. 2 didn't eat curry.  So when we arrived, The Boy & I were determined to make sure we had a roast dinner too, even if it was a makeshift one.  Off we popped to Tesco, we grabbed some chicken thighs, some frozen throw in the oven potatoes, good ole Aunt Bessie's yorkshires and some frozen mixed veg.  We made one hell of a cheat roast and it was lovely to spend some more time with the family.

Today was meant to be my first day back at work.  I was meant to do a day's work from home however, work's IT team had other ideas.  My Laptop wouldn't log me back into the network, so I had very little choice but to go into the office to let IT work their magic!  This evening I went back to my first BOOSTFit class in Horley.  It was awesome to do a little exercise and to see some familiar faces.

- I offered to do some hours from home in the morning to show willing that I am flexible in my return to work.
- PeaJuice is off work until Friday - so she is hoping to pop up for a visit.  Excited to see her.

Hope you guys had a fabulous NY - what did you get up to?


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