Diary Entry: Sunday 30th December


Hello Sunday - I officially dub thee #SelfCareSunday. 

I am in serious need of some decent pampering.  When money isn't an issue, my ideal type of R&R is a spa trip complete with massage, facial and pedicure.  Right now - I just do not have the funds to accommodate my expensive pastime so I have found a way to bring the spa to me!
First up; a hot bubble bath with a cup of Epsom Salts & Radox - Muscle Soak. I lit the candles (even the flameless ones and relaxed into the suds with a Spotify meditation playlist.
I gave myself a mini-facial. I always start with an exfoliant; Goldfaden MD Doctor's Scrub.  This little pot of heaven is one of the most expensive skincare products I own, but it is worth it's weight in gold as it has really rejuvenated my tired and dull complexion.  I have quite severe acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation and over the years I have tried hundreds of products in an attempt to clear my skin.  This product was originally recommended by my bestie Sian, who used to work at top beauty chain Space:NK and I am eternally grateful for the recommendation; my wallet however does not agree!  This 100ml container will set you back £65.00 daylight robbery - I know!  My first bottle was kindly gifted to me by Sian and at the time, I had no idea of the hefty price tag. I always knew it would be expensive, but not quite that much.  I was so impressed with the results that I haven't thought twice about paying for a new pot. 
Today I trialled a 7th Heaven Manuka Honey facemask which was meant to be a peeling mask.  I had seen people raving about these masks all over the net, so I was really keen to try it but I'm sad to say it didn't work for me.  The mask smelt heavily of honey, a scent that I am not that keen on and even though I set my timer for 25 mins to allow it to dry, it did not peel off.  I ended up having to scrub it off my face.
After patting my face dry with a clean towel, Yes pat, not wipe I spritzed my face in my second fave product; Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist.  This is yet another product which since Sian recommended it, I have been hooked.  This is another quite pricey product for something that is basically water but again I have found that this really gives my skin an instant hydration boost.  You can buy Jurlique products direct from them or through many online retailers. This little 50ml bottle is perfect for travel (as it's under 100ml) and it will set you back between £14-20 depending on retailer.
I finish off my facial with a botanical day cream from my favourite product brand; Garnier UK.  I use the Natural Rose Water Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin to massage some life back into my face leaving it feeling supple and revitalised.
Just like my skincare, I am very picky about my shampoo/conditioners, I once tried to follow the Curly Girl method, but I am both lazy and like to style my curls with heat products far too often, so I never stuck to it.  I do however always look for products with no sulphates, silicone or parabens.  I rarely stray from my fave brand with shampoo/conditioner.  I use their Ultimate Blends range for both, I have trialled many of the scents but always favour the ones with coconut in.  My fave combo is the Argan & Camelia Oils shampoo & conditioner, but it is so hard to find in stores these days!  I do still "plop" my hair when I am opting for my natural curls.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to straighten my hair so I didn't apply any product before plopping, I just wrapped in an old t-shirt rather than towel drying which really drys out my curls and causes unnecessary frizz. One curl clearly didn't get the plopping memo!!
Body lotion is a MUST in my world. My skin is usually quite dry, so when I found Garnier's Hydralock body lotion, I knew I would never use another body cream again.  Unfortunately, many shops have stopped stocking this product which makes me so sad, so I have to order it only and sometimes finding it can be quite tricky, I will persevere though cos this lotion is THE best body lotion I have ever tried, it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry even when it has fully absorbed, it really does lock in the moisture!
I finish off my self care ritual by sticking on my AromaWorks Electric Diffuser which I bought myself as my birthday treat. I adore the lemongrass essential oil scent, so I add a few drops to the water and bask in the relaxing smell.
What do you use to wind down, relax? Or what are your steps to self care?

I feel all pampered and ready to conquer the week ahead.
Nite nite world


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