Body Project *Diary* Round Up


This week has been so busy, I haven't had the chance to keep a proper diary, so here's a quick round up for ya;

Steps Update

Thursday 22/01; 11,376 – Home > Station, Lunch walk, Station > Home

Friday 23/01; 13,248 –  Home > Station, 35 min Lunch walk & 30 min walk to the Bank & back, 10 minute walk Stockwell Station to Catwalk Practice

Saturday 24/01; 15,738 – Home > Station, Walked the length of Oxford Street 3 times

Sunday 25/01; 2,481 – Not an active day; no additional exercise – Only walking; shopping @ Tesco & to & from the car!

Food Update

Thursday 22/01; Breakfast: OK Lunch: Good Dinner: Good

Friday 23/01; Breakfast: Bad Lunch: Good Dinner: Good

Saturday 24/01; Breakfast: Bad (None) Lunch: Good Dinner: Bad

Sunday 25/01; Breakfast: OK Lunch: Bad (None) Dinner: Bad

OK - Moderately healthy - no points taken
Bad - OBVIOUSLY bad - no points taken
Good - Healthy enough to claim 1 point

*Overview of the week*

This week has been tough & inconsistent, I will try and make a conscious effort to make less slip ups this week.

We are meant to weigh in every two weeks and I'm super glad about that cos Aunt Flo is in town and I am carrying a lot of excess water.  Weigh in next week, I really hope the scales & measuring tape is my friend!!

Current Points total as of Sunday night - 41

Here are my tracked stats of the night before the BP started & my "before" pictures.

Hopefully I will be able to notice a visible difference at the end of this 10 weeks!

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