British Plus Size Awards; What are you wearing??


Containing my excitement about this tonight's plans is becoming all too much to handle.

I'm sure that with the British Plus Size Awards being such a prestigious event plus the fact that it is being covered by OK! Magazine will encourage people to go to some fantastic lengths to look utterly gorgeous.

I will be wearing an exclusive & original piece, made for me by Scarlett & Jo. The cut of the dress is exquisite and has quite a Disney Princess feel to it. The colour compliments my skin tone plus it's one of my favourites. I cannot wait to showcase it for you.

A sketch of my pretty dress courtesy of Alice at +Scarlett Jo 

I plan to accessorise the dress with heels, a pretty clutch and simple yet elegant jewellery. Nothing too flashy but just enough.

I am being preened & primped by the fabulous team at Ooh La La Hair & Beauty in Epsom on Saturday too. Ooh La La is one of the sponsors for Miss British Beauty Curve so it felt right to choose them to work their magic on my hair and make up.

I am so honoured to be giving an award on the night as well as being up for nomination for "Best New Blog"

I'm not gonna lie and say I don't want to win, it would be the perfect end to a blinding year, but if I don't it's totally fine because every single lady in my category deserve this award. Their blogs are fantastic and I am so grateful to be nominated alongside such enormous talent!!!

My Rubenesque girlies & I have a table and we are looking forward to gracing the red carpet together. 

I can't wait to see what everyone wears, so many squishes & selfies, oh tonight is gonna be all kinds of awesome!!

See you on the red carpet....


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  1. The dress looks divine, cant wait to see the pics! I didn't know ok were covering it that is amazing x

    Miss Kitty Kaos (Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl)

  2. That dress design is beautiful, and you're right, it reminds me of Sleeping Beauty's dress. Good luck with everything tonight and I look forward to seeing the photos and heating the gossip tomorrow x


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