Vhopping is the way forward! Thank you Scarlett & Jo


So I popped in to HQ to see my Scarlett & Jo family after the hugely successful launch of the ScarlettandJo.com website yesterday.  Yesterday marked another milestone for the PS community as S&J unleashed their fantabulous AW15 collection to the world modelled by women of varying different sizes, shapes, ages, heights, skin tones and styles.  What's more the range is now available direct from the brand website rather than through another retailer as a concession.

Gifi finally agreed to create the direct sales website following an online petition signed by many of his clientèle. 

The website launched yesterday and is off to a fantastic start.

I am proud to have been involved in such a pivotal moment in history, a day filled with nothing but love for a brand that listens to the people. A day that threw two fingers up at societies ideals and incorporated true diversity and fair representation.  I was extremely lucky to have been featured in three different outfits for the AW collection and I will be featured early next year for the release of the SS16 collection too.

Gifi, Mayah, Hanna & the rest of the team were hard at work when I arrived, but I was also here on business. Gifi has very kindly agreed to dress me for the upcoming social highlight of the year; The British Plus Size Awards on 21st November. I have been nominated for "Best New Blog" and the event is to be covered by OK magazine so in the spirit of a glamorous red caret event, Gifi understood that I couldn't simply pick off the rail.

After trying on a few samples to find the cut, fabrics and colours we have finally decided how my custom gown is going to look. To say how excited I am would be an understatement, I am beside myself and I can't wait to see it!

After the formalities were done we sat down for a quick chat, after all Gifi is a very busy man.   He showed me some features & add on's to the website, one which really caught my attention; 
"Shop the Vhop"

What the hell is "Vhop" ?? I know right, I was confused too. So Vhopping is Virtual Shopping.

Go to S&J's channel on YouTube and go to Playlists. There you will find a fantastic way to browse the AW collection; Shop the Vhop. Each garment has a 15 second modelled catwalk video with the option to click the BUY button direct from the clip.

By clicking the "Buy Now" icon it will direct back to ScarlettandJo.com where within 2 simple clicks you can add the item to your basket! How damn simple is that!? Plus you get to see the garment modelled on women who look just like me and you!

I am really excited about this feature and I am confident that this will pave the way for more brands to follow suit as they begin to realise that they need to be 1) far more diverse and 2) that Vhopping is most definitely the way forward!


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