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After many years of wearing ill-fitting bras and being told by various “professional” bra fitters on many different occasions that I was a 44DD for so long you could imagine my confusion when Hannah from Curvy Kate measured me to a 38GG.  She seemed to know my size from just looking and at first I doubted her – that was until I tried this bad boy on!

The fit was unlike any bra I had ever tried.  The middle was flush against my breast bone, my boobs weren’t spilling out of the sides or the underwire wasn’t cutting into the side of my boob and what’s more – I had some serious cleavage going on.  Hannah told me that if I continued to lose inches (through BunnyHop) I may need to drop the back size but go up a cup size to a 36H and true to her word, that is my current size.  I bought this set in a 36H and Size 18 shorts.

I was fitted on a whim in Evans on Oxford Street one evening and I had not been in a position to buy on the day, but I fell in love with the colour of the Cascade set in “Topaz”  So when I saw that Curvy Kate had a fantastic offer of bra sets for £20 at Style XL I could not help myself.  I picked up this set and another in black and a few pairs of undies from the £1 a pair bargain bucket!

The bra has a gorgeous diamond shaped embroidery on the cup with an adorable little droplet jewel in the middle. The material has a elastane feel to it, but it's a soft laminate so it feels silky smooth.

It gives fantastic lift and for me that's a big plus. Since having a bubbs my boobs just lost their perk so anything that gives me a semblance of the once known perkiness was always gonna be a winner in my eye's. No "four-boob" going on and no side spillage! (Some serious official terminology there!) The straps are fully adjustable.

The shorts are made of the same material as the lower part of the cup and even feature the same embroidery and  droplet detail. My bottom half is by far the biggest part of me and I often opt for a size 20 in most undies so for my sizeable ass to fit into a CK size 18, the shorts must be a generous fit.  
This set is available NOW at Brastop and there are BLACK FRIDAY deals reducing many lines to £14 (Go Check it out!!)

Just search for "Cascade Topaz"

The balcony bra was £29 now only £14 & the shorts were £15 now only £8  It's such a steal make sure you take a look-see!

The style is also avail in a jade colour "Pixie" same cut but it's still full price :(
The sizes of the balcony bra (Product code: CK3601) range from 28-40 in a D to K cup and 42-44 in a D to G cup.
The shorts (Product code: CK3603) range from an 8 - 22
There is also a thong in the same sizes but thongs don't really do it for me!
Overall Summary: This set makes me feel confident and sexy. The quality is brilliant, the set washes well too.
Rating: 8/10
Potential improvements: I would've preferred a slightly higher waist on the shorts, but that's just preference.
Would I recommend this? Yes I would totally recommend being fitted by Curvy Kate. Their designs are gorgeous and girly. Perfect for day to day wear and pretty enough to rock in the bedroom too!


Hair & MUA: Kat Henry
Photographer: QR Photography
These products were sent to me for review purposes. The review above is based on my own opinion of the product and I own all creative content of this post.

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  1. This colour is everything on you - also, we a booby buddies in size so could so share bras, right?

    C xx


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