Diary Entry; Thursday 27th December


Morning All,

Woke up with warm winter sun rays beating through my curtains, shining uneccessarily brightly in my tired eyes. Pretty sure my eyes are glued shut from all the nasty excess eyegunk that seems to accumulate when you're full of cold, but I can feel the rays nonetheless. It's morning...yay! *said with sarcasm* I'm still tired and I feel like a truck has bulldozed me in the night. I fight all urges to roll over and return to the land of nod. Bed sooo comfy and warm...outside mean and cold...

Get up Kat

No one else is awake. Small Child in true Kevin & Perry form is fast asleep and will only surface with the smell of bacon or the promise of McDonald's breakfast. The Boy is  stirring...he won't wanna wake up just yet. No need, he's still full of cold too thanks to "Sicky Vicky" (Small Child) who shared her lurgie with us all. Sharing a cold is not caring guys, FYI.

Poxy work phone is now making noises and The Boy stirs with every one. I reach over turn it onto mute. Less than 2 mins later the same inanimate object is yet again making noises. I just put u on mute...literally just 2 minutes ago why are u still making noise?

It's clearly some notification that bypasses the mute override function, meh I hate Apple products. On Android it does what it's told. Silent means SILENT. Stupid poxy work phone. I miss my BlackBerry. 

Oh man I hear the dustbin men clambering around outside. I'm pretty sure I haven't taken my food bin downstairs. What week is it? Is it black bin day or recycling day? What even day is it? Isn't it bin day Tuesday, I swear today is Thursday?!  Sod it, I ain't rushing around trying to catch the bin men, did I mention it's cold outside?? The bins won't die if they miss one rotation. I hope Mum No. 2 has done us a solid and took it down for us cos that bin reaks when it ain't emptied. *Mum No. 2 is my M.I.L, she lives in the same block of flats just the floor above us* Still not important enough to drag my arse outta bed to check. I will have to trust in good faith that she has.

Today's plan; Get up, Grab some brekkie and attack my list of jobs with a new found purpose. Who made this stupid plan? Lazing in bed sounds like a far more appealing option.
Urgh get thee behind me Satan, thou shalt not prevail today! I will get up...maybe not just yet...but I will at least make the effort to check one thing off my to-do list.

What time is it? Rah it's 10am already...No time like the present eh?

Wish me luck!!

I woke up like this *literally*!!


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