On Wednesday's We Wear #PinkClove


This Candy Cane invite from Pink Clove UK had me gagging from the second I unwrapped it.

Of course I would attend their Pre Christmas Meal - I mean c'mon was there ever gonna be a reality where I declined this invite!?

The not-so subtle #MeanGirls tag lines reeled me in hook, line & sinker.  #YouCANSitWithUs and #OnWednesdaysWeWearPinkClove were just genius!

The invite even said "A Candy Cane for you and none for Gretchen Weiners...Bye" 

The dress code was #FETCH - so I just had to find myself the most #MeanGirlsesque outfit to make sure I was living my "Plastics" fantasy!

I found the cutest little check skirt from Pink Clove which is currently reduced in the sale down to just £10.99. You can grab it here. I teamed it with a blush coloured sweater and fluffy pink heels. 

We all arrived at the plush lunch venue in time for cocktails.  Rosso was decked in crisp white, silver and gold Christmas decorations in preparation for the festive season. It looked so pretty, I wished I could take pics all over this venue - but when it's crammed and people are there to eat and be merry it's not really appropriate to hold a mini photo-shoot (please - who am I kidding, like that stopped us!)

I asked the bartender to make me a sweet daiquri. Many people assume you want a frozen strawberry one, don't get me wrong I love that drink, but I fancied a straight. It didn't disappoint, it was made to perfection.

After a short delay we were seated at our table complete with crackers and a delectable menu.  Aww we even had place names and gift bags - the PinkClove Team have really pulled out all the stops.

All the other ladies had ordered this stunning little number. When I saw it had candy floss in it - I had to try it. You guys know I adore candy floss.  The "Hed Kandi" is originally made with Vodka, now as you guys may not know, I am allergic to Vodka. No I don't mean like, drink too many and it makes me sick, I mean full anaphylaxis - hives, throat closure, stomach pumped, full allergic reaction, so I asked the bartender to sub the vodka out and replace with some other spirit that would compliment the flavours.  He rolled with white rum - works for me. The drink was delish and I cannot recommend it enough.

Dinner was divine. Each course was cooked to perfection and well presented.  Portion sizes were perfect for me. The sign of a good feed is a well sated Kat.

I started with the Zuppa Di Porri - a creamed leek, parsnip & potato soup with crispy onions. Such a delicious fusion of flavours. Would have loved a bread roll to accompany it, but hey!

For mains I chose the Porchetta Arrosto - Slow roasted pork belly with chestnut mash and spiced
apple & mustard chutney. One word - WOW! It was cooked just right, even the crackling was tasty and I am not usually a crackling fan.  All the flavours gave just the right amount of Christmas zing.  It was truly a tasty dish.

Afters was a trio of bitesize desserts. Trionfo Di Dolce Alla Rosso - Spiced clementine & mincemeat trifle slice, Panettone dark chocolate truffle and Earl grey infused sticky toffee pudding. I didn't want that little plate of goodness to end, it was utterly to die for - especially that trifle slice!

After feeding it was time to mingle with the other babes, leaving plenty of time for selfies, Mean Girls trivia and quick fire Christmas questions.

Cracker time deffo called for Christmas Crowns - PINK of course! 

I had only met Ami beforehand so meeting the other ladies was a real treat. I had followed Laurie, Kayleigh and Joey on Instagram for a while so I was a tad starstruck and meeting Harry and Sophie really made my day. These ladies are such bad ass babes and I had a blast with them and the Pink Ladies. 
I want to extend a huge thank you from all of us to the #PinkLadies of PinkCloveUK for thinking of every little detail to make this day out so special.

I had the best time.

Merry Christmas Y'all


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