Poorly...Stay Focused...Stay Positive!


I feel rough as hell!  I blame Andy - he has infected me with some strain of "Man-Flu" which I hereby entitle; "Bird Flu"  Seeing as I am a...bird!  Sneezy, achey and just generally janky feelings going down in this household right now :( Stay well away!  #contagious

It's proper hard to stay focused and bring your "A" game when you feel rough but, I just gotta remember that this is what I love and these little things usually make me feel better, so I just gotta stay positive and soldier on!

This week so far is proving to be challenging to say the least, since handing in my resignation I have been brimming with positivity and feel like I am topped out and I need a full battery recharge.  I am outta juice and my body is telling me to slow the fk down and take it easy!

There is little point in running myself into the ground, there is lots to do...yes - but these things shouldn't be rushed, especially when I am working on 1/2 steam.

So, in an attempt to re-energize I plan to;

Take a hot, steamy shower - unclog the airways and the pores get rid of the junk in me.
Face mask it up - need a good detox of the skin.
Get a relatively early night.  I type this from my bed and my eyelids are feeling pretty heavy.
Drink a pint of water (at least) before bed.
Dose up on Paracetamol to bring this temperature down.

...Baby steps to achieving inner calm, boosting my morale and restoring me to full health asap!

If you have any tips - leave them below :)

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