Ms Curvaceous UK 2014 - Vlog


What an AMAZING day!

I was petrified to be going alone to something like this, having never done anything similar before.  I went with no expectations and an open mind and I was welcomed by a brilliant team of organisers; Streamline Empire headed up by Theo; a very engaging entrepreneur who made us all feel instantly at ease.  In the 4 years of operation this year gave way to the first Plus Size modelling workshops and in my opinion it was a wonderful idea.  Wonderfully executed, the workshop was entertaining and informative and gave us tools and an insight into the Plus modelling world and left us wanting more.

It was so refreshing to walk into a room of ladies and not be faced with judging looks and bad attitudes.  Each one of the ladies I encountered was beautiful and inspiring and most of all approachable. The fear of what was to come was palpable in the air, we were scared but after sharing some stories and chatting to each other the fear ebbed away just leaving a group of gorgeous & curvaceous ladies with one common goal; to be a plus size model.  It did not once feel like a competition or casting, it was relaxed and enjoyable at every stage.

Why not take a look at my Vlog of the day...

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