The Hype about Fat Shaming - My opinion


I must start by stating a few things here; I am a big girl. I am 5ft4 and weigh approx 111kg. I wear a size 20/22 in clothing. I would be classed by society as obese if not morbidly. I have battled with weight gain since the birth of my Daughter 13 years ago. I started pregnancy as a healthy & curvy (I've always been blessed with a chest) size 12. I ended my pregnancy as double that & then some. After I gave birth I was wearing size 28 clothes and I loathed the sight of me.  I have tried a multitude of diets, healthy eating plans, exercise regimes and cold turkey and I have seen results  after all I am no longer a size 28. I am nowhere near my goal weight (11 stone) or goal dress size; 14 but I am proud of my achievements so far and recognise I have a fair old way to go.

The point of this post is to give you my opinion on the current fat shaming saga.

No one should ever be allowed to shame anyone else for any reason; race, gender, religion,  size, sexual orientation or otherwise.  It should not be seen as ok to criticise anyone after all not any single one of us is perfect.

I agree that being overweight is not the healthiest way of living and I appreciate we should not condone obesity but I ask you, what is wrong with people loving the skin they are in and honouring their sizes whilst acknowledging we are not perfect but that's ok. We all have our personal crosses to bear and we all have journeys towards change to embark on.  

I don't see a problem with people celebrating their size whatever that may be.

I believe in body positivity and learning to love yourself and that makes change much easier. If you love yourself you are more likely to care about your health and wellbeing which could be a benefit to weight loss.

To shame a person because of their weight may not be a productive course of action to help them shift that weight. It could spiral them further downwards, cause depression, anxiety or even worse.

I say that if we love each other and ourselves a bit more we may be healthier, happier versions of ourselves.

What do you think??

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  1. well said Kat! We are so much more than the body we walk around in!


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