I thought I would share 10 kind things as today is #WorldKindnessDay;

  1. I have love for each of you that have taken the time to read my blog, like my pic, tweet me, watch my video.  Without your support - I am one LONELY blogger!
  2. I try to see the beauty in everyone & everything in life. Open your eyes - LIVE!
  3. Cherish your family & friends, life is too short and one day they won't be there - won't that be sad!
  4. Make time for others - Good Karma outweighs Bad, tenfold!
  5. Do at least one good deed per day for a stranger.  Today I told a lady on the train that her hair looked amazing - she looked so down before I said it, she instantly brightened up.
  6. That one friend who doesn't call or text any more, but you used to be so close to...CALL THEM - say hi and that you were thinking of them!  Olive branch!
  7. Sit down with your children, ask them how their day was. Take 1/2 an hour of our busy lives to be kids again - play a game, draw, read, dance, sing.  HAVE FUN!
  8. Respect your Elders; Parents, Grandparents, reach out - make time for them - they may have looked after you as a child and devoted many hours of their time to you - now it's your turn to return the favour.
  9. Tell your significant other that you love them and why...compliments are free and mean so much more than gifts.
  10. SMILE - when you smile, the world will smile with you :)
Happy #WorldKindnessDay Friends 

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