10,000 Steps....How hard can it be?


For those of you who follow me on the Book of Faces or Insta I'm sure you will have seen me rambling about this 10,000 steps a day lark.  Well just to keep you in the loop, I have set myself a little goal to help get me beach ready for my holidays this year.

The goal is to take at least 10,000 steps per day.

Now for anyone who knows me they would NEVER associate me with walking.  I have even gone as far as saying things like, "I HATE walking" or "Fk walking, call me a cab!"   I would not be known as the sort of person who would go for a walk for fun or walk anywhere if there was a viable method of public transportation to use.  So for me taking 10,000 steps seemed a stretch and most definitely an unachievable one at that!

I began tracking my steps using the SHealth app on my Samsung Galaxy phone which has a built in pedometer.  (I fully intend to dig out my proper pedometer as I know it will give a more accurate read, but I have put it in that extra safe place that only the safe place fairies know how to find!)  

I started on Tuesday 6th Jan 2015 and since then here are my achievements so far...

06/01; 5,486 - I made no conscious effort to take any extra steps this day other than my usual routine for the last month.

07/01; 13,354 - I decided to walk to London Bridge train station (1 mile) which added 20 odd extra minutes walking time to my day, but I took the more scenic route over the Millennium Bridge & along the River Thames.  I love living in this city!   During my lunch breaks, I am opting to take as many steps possible just by exploring the lovely old architecture & sights around London that I often take for granted.

08/01; 11,829 - I walked to London Bridge (1 mile) on this day in the pouring rain.  I didn't have a brolly or anything and by the time I got to my destination I looked like a drowned rat (or maybe Kat would be more appropriate!) I took a lovely long walk at lunch around the town, but I didn't walk back after work as it was my Mama's 61st birthday dinner, so had to rush home.  I still hit my target though! 

09/01; 16,781 - On Thursday I really pushed hard; the walk from my house to my train station & vice versa is approx 3,000 steps each way, I walked both from London Bridge to my destination & back at the end of the day which is a mile each way and for lunch my buddy Leanne & I went on a extra long walk around the town. It's amazing how far we got in a little space of time, we even went round the block a couple of times cos we had tonnes of time left before her lunch was over!

*Little added bonus steps that I would usually miss out on (but not anymore!!)
- Taking the steps instead of the escalators at train stations.
- Walking to the bank which is 1/2 a mile, each way.
- Counting every step I take, cos every step counts!

With all this in mind I am finding that it is actually not as hard as I thought to rack up 10,000 steps if I just get out & move a bit more.  I'm finding it quite enjoyable and I like the fact that it's something that I never thought I would want to do and I am proving myself wrong!

The real challenge comes on weekends, especially when that is the time I set aside to interact with you lovelies.  How am I gonna manage 10,000 steps over the weekend, especially cos I drive everywhere!?

So in my infinite wisdom in a mad moment I turned to Andy and said, "Babe, let's go for a walk today!"  

10/01; 12,939 - So there I am Saturday mid morning, donning my timms to go on a 4 mile walk around Limpsfield Chart.  Andy picked the route, which mainly consisted of muddy fields & hills (and steps, oh the steps!!)  It was a challenge, it was hard but the views were breathtaking and it was good to experience that little bit of gorgeous countryside right on my doorstep!  10,000 steps was a breeze with this baby! 

Today is a totally different story, I am currently sat in my bed, basking in the glorious sunshine pouring through my window & blogging so hold tight & see how this goes.  In fairness, if I can even do 1/2 the target today, I will be happy...but obviously gonna strive for the 10!

All in all - I'm uber proud of myself and I hope this little spurt of energy that I have does not fizzle out, I'm really trying hard!


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