Meet The MCUK Ambassadors; Claire


Meet Claire - Ms Curvaceous UK Ambassador & Plus Size Model

1) Why did you apply for MCUK?
I have always dreamt of becoming a plus-size model so when I saw the advert come up on Facebook to go to an audition for MsCurvaceousUK I jumped at the chance! I've never had much confidence and have felt insecure about the way I look but as I get older I am starting to embrace how tall I am, how curvy I am and I want to show it off and inspire other people to be confident and make changes in their lives that they don't think are possible!

2) So, you weren’t picked as one of the 20 finalists, but you were given the extraordinary opportunity to become an Ambassador for the brand. What were your initial feelings when you found out you weren’t a finalist?

I was absolutely gutted when I found out I wasn't in the final but at the same time it was almost a blessing in disguise; I fell down some stairs and injured my foot quite badly, I even ended up in hospital for a week, that was 5 weeks ago and finally my foot is on the mend! I really wasn't sure if I would be able to walk without crutches let alone in heels so I had a chat with Jerri (one of the models from last year) and decided whatever the outcome I would apply again in 2015 and keep trying until I was successful with MCUK. Then I got the call from Theo...

3) What does it mean to you to be named an Ambassador of the MCUK brand?
He asked me if I wanted to be an ambassador for MCUK and immediately I said yes! I was completely overwhelmed and shocked but so so happy! This will give me the opportunity to spread the word about MCUK as a brand and what we are trying to do. I want women to embrace their beauty whatever their size, it doesn't matter! Body confidence should not be exclusive to women of a certain size. Women like Tess Munster inspire me so much and I hope that one day, like her, I can be an inspiration to others. I am so looking forward to working with everyone at MCUK especially Theo.

4) What does 2015 hold for you?
2015 holds so much opportunity for me! More than I thought possible, my life hasn't always been easy but I am a perfect example that hard work, ambition and perseverance pays off! Working as an ambassador for MCUK will also help me break into the industry as not only an ambassador but as a model. I work full-time as an IT Recruitment Consultant currently and I'm very successful at that but eventually I would like to make the transition into working in the modelling industry full-time, that is my aim for 2015. I am so thankful for this chance to do something so great.

2015 I'm coming to get you!

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