Spending Ban & The 100 Days Style Challenge


After reading Kathryn's blogpost about her #100DaysStyleChallenge idea I figured I could try and do it too and I must admit it's been tonnes of fun.

Basically the idea is to wear a different outfit each day for 100 days with no repeats.  I have decided to add an exception of repeating my jeans as I don't have 100 different pairs. The logic behind this is to prove to ourselves the term "I have NOTHING to wear" is baloney. The added complication is the addition of the "Spending Ban"  So for this I am challenging myself to not spend a penny on any of the following; clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and make up for 3 solid months.  Not only will my bank balance be eternally grateful but it will give me the chance to play with all the stuff I have accumulated over the last year.

I started the challenge on Wednesday, so here are my first 3 outfits;

Day # 1;

Blue Jumper from +H&M bought last year. I love this jumper, its in a 2XL from their plus size range and I love the fact that it's hugely oversized and hangs off the shoulder.  

+Primark jeans in a size 20 regular.  I live in these jeans, they are extremely comfortable and despite their low price are really good quality (IMO).  They fit true to size, waist/hip-wise, however my height makes it difficult to get the right length.  I should really buy the shorter length, but I find that they come up too short and besides I prefer a little gather at the ankle so I opt for the regular.

Boots from +Primark in a size 6  These are lovely & warm, you can't see them well but they are fleece lined. 
Day # 2;

Black vest from +H&M in size 16.

Cream & Black striped cardigan from +Primark in a size 20.   I have had this for a number of years and I don't wear it often as it doesn't have buttons (which is generally a turn off for me) 

+Primark Skinny jeans in a size 20.

Very very old nude dolly shoes from +Dorothy Perkins in a size 6.

I pinched Mya's snood which I believe is from +Primark.

Day # 3;

Mustard blouse from the Moda range from George at +Asda in a size 20.  I love the colour of this top but its 100% viscose making it extremely hard to keep un-creased. The cut is quite flattering and it even has extra material under the arm to cover up any underarm bulges.  I don't like the way it gathers on my tummy but that could just be my jeans cos it doesn't always happen.

Same jeans & shoes as day 2 :)
(I'm gonna try & switch up the shoes next week!)

What has the #100DaysStyleChallenge done for me so far...

- Made my mornings more stressful
- Pushed me to have a bit more forethought about my outfits!
- Proved to me that I have a lot of things I never wear.
- Gets me excited about getting to take a(nother) selfie!

Are you enjoying it?

- Hell yes! :)

How's the spending ban going??

- Now that is hard!  It's so hard I'm actually considering leaving my cards at home!

Looking forward to the weekends' outfits & to a full week next week :)

Wanna join in? Just make sure you use the hashtag & tag me & +Kathryn Kaupa in your posts - we wanna see your outfits too :)

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