The Body Project *Diary* - 21/01/2015


Given the fact that I felt so poorly on Tuesday night I wasn’t feeling that adventurous food-wise on Wednesday morning and I was still tired in the morning (which is surprising given the extreme early night the night before!) 

I didn’t leave myself enough time to prepare my scrambled eggs for breakfast so I opted for toast with a thin layer of jam & a cuppa instead. (1 point)

I didn’t take anything with me for lunch for the same reason and come lunch time I was ready to try something simple.  I went to Tesco with the intention of picking up a plain ham sarnie, but there were none left, there wasn’t much left to be honest!  I grabbed a sausage & egg sandwich this weighed in at 380 calories – which fell under the calorie allowance of 400 calories for lunch (1 point)

For some of you reading this you may be thinking the things she is eating aren't on the BP recommended food list; that's true they aren't listed as a meal option, however if you know me and my recent food habits you would understand & agree that for me these food choices are leaps & bounds healthier than a Sausage & Egg McMuffin, a full fry up or a bowl piled high of sugar-heavy cereal.  My thoughts on this is that instead of following the BP meal plan (although it's recommended) I will count my calories with Andy on My Fitness Pal and use the BP recipes as a guide to portion sizes & inspiration on food ideas mainly for dinners.  I really do think that the introduction of more movement into my days is proving beneficial; clothes seem to fit a little looser and I feel good for it. 

Leanne & I went on a great walk during her lunch, we walked for nearly 55 minutes at a leisurely pace all over the surrounding areas. We even tried a new route to spice it up a little. 

Leanne managed to prevent my inner demons from leading me astray again. On our walk I had entered a corner shop with the full intention of buying a chocolate bar. My only justification when asked why was "..because I'm upset!" She quite rightly questioned further, "but do you really want it???"  That was enough to make me think we'll,  no I actually don't. So we promptly left and I felt really proud of myself for changing my mind and grateful to Leanne for checking me. Kat: 1 Evil Inner Chocolate Demons: NIL!!!

It was my friends’s birthday, so there were two cake options; a gorgeous looking mousse cake from Paul and an M&S lemon sponge roll.  As delectable as the moussey number seemed, I opted for the lighter option and treated myself to a sliver of the lemon sponge roll.

I walked back to London Bridge which enabled me to hit my steps goal (BP: 4,000 – target smashed! Personal target smashed: 14,070 steps taken) (1 point)

For dinner I had a lovely small salmon fillet in sweet chilli sauce with pilau rice & mixed veg for dinner (1 point), I had planned to do my 30 minute workout after dinner, but I managed to burn two of my fingers quite badly whilst picking Andy’s dinner off the stove!  Needless to say I spent the rest of my night with my fingers in a glass of cold water just to alleviate the stinging sensation, I’m sure you know the one I’m talking about.  Even going to sleep I had to cover the fingers in Sudocrem then bandage them up (to stop the cream going everywhere) then wrapped with a cold flannel & towel just so that I could bear taking my fingers out of the water!  I hate burns – they are a major inconvenience!

On the plus side, today was another alcohol free zone (1 point) and having ur fingers stuck in water makes you relatively immobile, so meditation was a breeze! (1 point)

Total for today = 6

Running total = 21

*My thoughts on my progress*

A bit bummed that I didn’t get to do my work out but overall – I’m quite pleased with today.  If I can manage to do all the same, minus the finger burning & minus the cake then I’ll be winning!!

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