My Bucket List


2015 is hereby dubbed the "Yes" year for me so I'm gonna do something I have never actually done and that's write my bucket list;
Here goes...In no particular order...
*See the Northern Lights & capture the moment in a photo.
*Travel to see my family in Canada, South Africa & Mauritius.
*Drive Route 66 in a super fast convertible.
*Walk the Great Wall of China.
*Drive from Lands End to John O'Groats.
*Ride on a Sleigh pulled by Huskies.
*Meet Santa
*Raise a Northern Inuit from a puppy.
*Drive an Aston Martin DB9/Ferarri/Buggatti.
*Go horseriding again.
*Skinny Dip in a lagoon with a waterfall.
*Audition for The Voice or something similar.
*Choreograph & Organise a Dance/Talent show for local kids.
*Build my own house.
*Move to a different country but only if my Parents weren't around.
*Record my own album.
*Perform Live at a Festival.
*Become a Plus Size Model.
*Run my own Beauty Salon.
*Watch my Baby graduate.
*Get Married.
*Have another baby.
*Go to Bora Bora.
*Go back to Kurumba in the Maldives.
*Swim with Dolphins.
*Hear my first single played on Radio.
*Pack out the O2 arena and hear the crowd singing a song you wrote.
*Go on a *short* Cruise (scared of drowning)
*Shopping in NYC.
*Fly with Captain Gray over the Grand Canyon.
*See The World's most popular sights.
*See the 7 wonders of the World.
*Float in the Dead Sea.
*Go to Disneyworld.
*Be on the cover of a magazine.
*Do a World Tour.
*Meet at least one of the people who inspired me to start my Blog.
*Stay in a log cabin in Aspen or Whistler or somewhere of the like.

I know it's a bit long & I'm sure there's more too! By the time I'm old & wrinkly I want to have at least ticked off 75% of this list.
What's on your bucket list??

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