My Muses; The Ultimate 2014 #TBT


I would like to take a minute to highlight & big up the immense amount of beauty, talent & kindness that I have encountered throughout 2014 in the form of inspiring women in social media.

Each one of these ladies have inspired my journey throughout last year (jeez that feels weird saying that!) and I would love to pay homage to each & every one of you individually but there simply isn't enough virtual space on the internet to hold the amount love I would need share!  So, here are my top inspirational ladies, my muses of 2014...

In NO particular order;
  • +Coley Reinvented - Coley gave me the courage to take that leap of faith regarding my teeth. Her "Denture Adventure" Vlogs on Youtube were the turning point for me to realise that it was socially acceptable to be young and gorgeous and wear dentures.  Girl, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your support and kind words of encouragement, without you sharing your story I would not have had the balls to embark on my own journey.
  • +PositifBeautee528 
  • +Cathy J Cross
  • +Beach Chick 
  • +Her Reason 2 Smile
These ladies were my rocks throughout my own journey towards my new smile, I met them all through either YouTube or DANS and they showed me that it was possible to have a normal life with teeth enhancements.  My journey was rocky and scared me shitless but these ladies gave me the inner peace and courage to make it through.  Ladies - every kind word, every motivational comment, every vlog empowered me and kept me going.  I would also like to mention Mz_Jazzi too, but she doesn't have a link :(
  • +UglyFaceOfBeauty - Gracie was one of the first YouTubers that I found offering beauty tips online, when I noticed that she was on her own weightloss/body acceptance/confidence journey, I felt that I could instantly relate.  I followed her progress and proudly watched her blossom into the beautifully inspiring young woman she is today.  Gracie - we have never had the pleasure of speaking, but please know I am proud of you, I thank you for sharing your story with us and thank you for inspiring me to be better.
  • +Sarah Rae Vargas - Sarah is a gorgeous, curvaceous mother of two gorgeous babies. Her blog & Vlogs were such an eye opener to me. She reinforced the fact that women of size can be drop dead gorgeous. Every outfit this woman has ever worn is sensational, her make up & hair is always flawless and she exudes confidence which I can only hope to achieve one day! Again, I have never had the pleasure of speaking to you, Sarah, but I would like to tell you how much you empower me as a curvy woman, you make me feel beautiful :)
  • +Cody Wren - Now Cody is my ultimate #WCW - she is super hot and such a gorgeous lady inside & out.  She has a heart of gold and her make up skills are flawless,  she makes beauty look effortless. She always responds to her followers and every interaction with her has been an utter pleasure.  Cody honey you totally rock girl, I got love for you, I've told you many times that you are my muse, thank you xx
  • +makeupD0LL 
  • +Makeup Game On Point 
  • +Madeyewlook 
  • +Carli Bybel 
Keisha, Jackie, Carli & Lex have been my virtual tutors of all things beauty.  I have always loved make up but these ladies have helped me develop my skills and learn how to enhance natural beauty. These ladies have some serious skills, I am always sat in front of YouTube totally awestruck by there talent.  Thank you ladies for sharing your skills and time with the world.  You inspire me with each post and I always love your creativity.  Each of these ladies bring something a little different to the beauty blogging world and I can only offer my praise & gratitude to them for doing so.  Beautiful, characters with kind hearts (which shine through their videos) Much love, ladies xx
  • +Leah XL Channel  - I had the immense pleasure of collaborating with Leah for my first swap.  She is a gorgeous lady with such a big heart.  It was such an honour to work with her, I cannot express my gratitude enough. Leah - you are amazing, gorgeous, funny and thoughtful, it's a blessing to have met you x
  • +Mookie B - Mookie is such a stunning woman, with such a vivacious personality.  When I met her and her friend Heidi at the South East Bloggers meet up in Reigate, I was so overwhelmed by how welcoming these ladies were.  It was a total pleasure to spend my evening with them.  Mookie - you are beautiful and it was lovely to meet you - thank you for inspiring me to love life and be happy in the skin I'm in xx
  • +Natty Nikki - Nikki is an amazing blogger and her fashion posts are so current and quirky.  Nikki - I love your style, you always rock those outfits, such an inspiration x
  • +Natalie Craig - Natalie is a gorgeous, curvy lady who has a drop-dead gorgeous figure.  Natalie - you are such a stunning lady, you inspire me to have the confidence to wear whatever the hell I like.  Some of your outfits physically make me jealous - I find myself shopping with you in mind...(like, would Natalie wear this....)  Thank you girl - you rock!
  • - Leah is gorgeous - trouble is I don't think she realises just how much!  I love her blog, I will never tire of reading it. Leah - you ARE beautiful, a kind heart, keep taking those selfies girly, that post really made me relate.  Much love xx
  • +Lucia UCantWearThat!  - Lucia is beautiful and her blog is truly inspiring.  She makes fashion look effortless.  Her outfits are amazing, she embodies the word "Fierce" Lucia, I know you are going through a tough patch girl, but please know we all have you in our prayers.  Thank you for inspiring me this year, I hope 2015 brings you solace & comfort, much love xx
  • +Georgina Grogan - Georgina is a stunner, her blog is riveting and I always look forward to reading her posts.  Her make up & hair is flawless too and I always love her clothing reviews.  Georgina, you totally deserve that award girl, keep up the amazing work.  I hope I get the honour of meeting you this year xx
  • +LoeyLane - Loey is a gorgeous, plus size beauty, her outfits rock and her hair & make up always looks sensational.  Loey you are such an inspiration, your beauty vlogs & lookbooks are always a joy to watch, thank you xx
  • +Ms Curvaceous UK - Now this is a bit of a cheat, because it's a brand rather than a specific person.  To you I owe you so much, you give me the confidence to strive hard for the dreams & aspirations I want to achieve. You have opened doors for me, you have equipped me with skills and confidence, you have empowered me to grow and develop and I cannot thank you enough.  I hope we have a fruitful 2015 together :)
  • +G GooDei - Teschia is a personal friend, extended family. This woman is a gorgeous, curvy woman who is not afraid to embrace her size and flaunt it.  Tesch, you taught me to love myself, you inspire me to sing and develop my vocal skills and you are such a beautiful, kind soul.  You were a blessing sent to me from above, an angel - I thank you.
  • +Color U Bold - Jasmine is a new friend, I have only recently found her blog but WOW! Her beauty skills are amazing and she has a real creative flair that I admire.  Jas - I cannot wait to unleash our Valentine's Day collaboration, it's a pleasure to meet you - here's to 2015 :)
I have a few other special mentions to make for ladies which have made an impact on me in 2014. Each of these lovely beauties are gorgeous and I love their work;

Special mention to my old school friend +Geraldine Miller who's blog is amazing. Geraldine - I am proud of you lady, keep up the amazing work.

I would also like to do a massive shout out to all the inspirational woman in my family, my besties (Kirstie, Moya, Nathasha, Vicky, Sonia, Serena, Sarah, Hannah, Louise, Natalie, Leanne, Kay & Bianca) & my wider social circle. You ladies keep me sane, you inspire me on a day to day basis, without your love, support and putting up with my madness, I wouldn't be the person I am today. 

I  would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the group of lovely ladies I met through +Ms Curvaceous UK - fast friends, truly inspiring, gorgeous & curvaceous women, I feel honoured to have met each one of them :)

All this would not be possible without 3 inspirational ladies; my baby girl, who inspires me daily to be a better person, to be a better woman, a better mother. I love you Boobus, my Mother in Law, Carol who is the most kind hearted lady I have ever met, she raised the man I love with all my heart and for that I cannot thank her enough.  

..And last but by no means least; My Mama. You are my ROCK, to you I owe everything, my heart, my life and without you - I would literally be NOTHING! I love you xxx

I love each one of you ladies and I am honoured & blessed to have shared 2014 with each of you....wishing you all love, health, happiness & prosperity for 2015.


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  1. Awww This is an awesome post! I'm gonna be looking these girls up on youtube and their blogs!!! Thank you so much I feel honored that I could be on your list that means absolutely the world to me!!!! I'm so thankful that I seen you on stylelifebeauty community!!! I cant wait for our colab! I feel like this is going to be a great year for you and I let's get ready for an awesome year!!!

    Jasmine :)

  2. Thank you so much for the mention I am truly honored an find myself amongst some amazing company. I have now subscribed to Loey Lane and Sarah Rae Vargas! xx I hope you are coming to Style XL this year! xx

  3. Aw what a lovely post! Thank you so much for my mention, Can't believe we live so close together! :D Can't wait to finally meet you babe x

  4. Awww you're so sweet. :) You are such a lovely person and we have to catch up soon. :) Thanks for the mention hun. :) xxx


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