The Body Project *Diary* 20/01/2015


Today was not a good day. I started the day perfectly; I woke up early, refreshed and all "gung-ho" about the day ahead. I made myself scrambled egg on toast for brekkie (1 point ) and I packed my bag full of healthy snacks to get me though the week.

Southern Railway heavily impacted my mood when they announced severe delays and that was further ruined by being held outside Victoria underground in the freezing cold for 20 mins due to congestion & overcrowding. Needless to say, I was late to my destination! Never a good start to the day!!

I shook off those bad vibes and settled into my busy day. I drank my 2 litres of water (1 point) I ate a jacket potato with no butter & just a can of tuna in spring water with a tablespoon of mayo. (1 point) 

Throughout the day I snacked on cucumber & reduced fat red pepper hummus & mango slices.

I went for my lunchtime walk around London town with Leanne on her lunch, only 36 minutes though.

I was so proud of myself; I had managed to do the whole day without any chocolate cravings but something changed on the route home.

I felt awful. I stood up the whole journey home.  I felt weak and just like my body was struggling on what I had fed it.  I was suffering with sharp pains in my stomach/abdominal area and I was sure I was gonna throw up right on the train!
I resisted the temptation to jump in cab home and pushed through the discomfort to make sure I hit my own personal target of 10,000 steps. (BP target for today; 8,000 steps; smashed! 1 point)

Today was another alcohol-free zone (1 point)

I cocked it all up when I wandered into Sainsbury’s on route home. I thought maybe my body was going into some sort of shock from the cold turkey style removal of sugar. Please bear in mind I have recently gotten into a habit of eating something sugary (be it a chocolate bar, something from Pandora or a doughnut) every day in some cases more than once. So my rationale was maybe the discomfort was fuelled by the lack of sugar. My inner demons won! I caved and bought a Wispa & devoured that whilst walking home! Whilst it was immediately satisfying, I actually felt worse. My stomach was still cramping and now I was riddled with guilt over my bad choice.

When I got home I couldn't muster the strength to complete my workout. So I switched on the mindfulness video and completed my meditation for 10 minutes (1 point) 

After that I retired to bed & curled up in the foetal position wrapped around a hot water bottle. I felt low and the stomach pain was overbearing; whatever was wrong with me!?

As I had skipped dinner I was made a slice of toast with jam to eat.  I didn't feel like eating it but I was urged to eat something rather than nothing. (By MFP’s standards, my calorie intake was well under, so I will class that as an acceptable dinner to get my 1 point for a healthy dinner; it would have been less healthy to skip dinner completely *apparently*)

Where I conked out – I forgot to snapshot my points, but totting these up amounts to 7 points today.

Running total = 15.

*My Thoughts on my progress*
Today I struggled, feeling unwell was clearly a trigger to eat badly and I am gutted that I technically ruined a good days work by letting my cravings get the better of me.

All I can do is try harder.

I refuse to be totally demoralised,  I see my efforts especially towards the exercise aspect of this challenge as a positive achievement and I accept there will be days I eat worse than others.   I have to just accept that it’s gonna be hard but no one said it was gonna be a doddle!

If any of you are signed up to "My Fitness Pal" add me as a friend and you can view my food diary! My name is Kattrinn

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