Katie, Was it really necessary?


Firstly; This guy hit the nail on the head here;

"We" didn't do this to you, nor did "we" force you to do this...you took on this challenge of your own volition! 

There is no escaping that the point that she is precariously trying to make has value; yes we are all aware that being sedentary and consuming more calories than the clinical guidelines state will contribute to people gaining weight.

What she may not be accounting for is the people who are overweight due to illness, disease or medication.

I think she is going to find it hard to shift the weight.  Weightloss is not easy, there is no quick fix and it is a struggle that many people endure. 

It was refreshing to see her acknowledge the similarity between her emotional connection to exercise/work and that of a person who connects food to emotion or love and accepting that it would not be simple for someone to say to her, stop loving her child, or stop working and sit down and her listen because she has that emotional connection to these things.  

I am forever being told by medical professionals that my being overweight is not OK as it comes with health complications, some of which can be life threatening.   Katie was deemed as being Underweight and this in itself could also cause health issues.  All the while, I accept that my weight may cause me difficulties, but this is my choice, my life and I love who I am. I would like to minimise any potential health issues in later life, so I continue to strive to be the healthiest version of myself possible. Two very influential ladies gave me clarity on this point this evening, which has led me to make changes to my original post, I was so pumped after watching the show that I did not make myself clear which led to my original words being taken the wrong way.  I apologise if my previous comment caused any offence - it was not my intention and I hope that you can see that by the nature of my post in it's entirety.

I believe we are all different and we all make our own choices as to how we live our lives. It is NOT acceptable to condemn someone for ANY reason.  

But in life, who really IS perfect?  Are we all not people, with real feelings?

To say someone is less capable of performing a job because of their body weight is unacceptable. It's fat shaming!
To criticise each other because of size, weight, race, gender, sexual orientation, dress sense, accent, height, hair colour, eye colour (OR ANY DIFFERENCE THAT WE MAY HAVE) is UNACCEPTABLE!  ANY SHAMING IS UNACCEPTABLE!! It's discrimination!

We are human - we have flaws, why can't we accept each other at face value or merit?  

I said I wouldn't but I caved & I tweeted @KTHopkins tonight; 
" does body size make us any less a woman or a human? Does ur lesser weight give you the right to criticise others?"
Needless to say - I have had no response, nice to see that she took the time to respond to the more degrading tweets, but as this PR stunt was geared towards making her "brand" trend to hell & back, I figured I should expect nothing less!

In these times we should be trying to teach our children that #HateBreedsHate and #ComplimentsAreFree but how can we do that when these kind of statements are trending all over social media?

What about empowering our young ones? Teaching acceptance, confidence and self love? What about teaching them to have the courage to change the things in their lives that they can control?   

Why is it OK for people to condemn and generalise all "fat" people.

Where does she get off saying things like "take that you fat bastards?"  The statement was rude, obnoxious and totally unnecessary!  There have got to be much more effective ways to help people lose weight, this way may not really have the desired outcome she was expecting!

I am glad I watched it, although I'm not sure why.  It was a bonus, however to see some of our lovely #PSbloggers representing us; +Leah XL Channel in particular.  Well done for speaking out, girl!

Thank you to +Debz A & Hannah Boal for the constructive criticism :)

What are your thoughts?

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